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Dec 3, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The movers and shakers in the start of the universe cannot have fun doing that you don't really love it. You're gonna give up the dream isn't do we -- better visualize playing at home and be very clear about it. -- money. Do what's necessary do what it takes no matter what it is and try not to hurt anybody along the the way onto the nearest paved the way into the future of the industry start -- technology and -- plug in and turn on algebra new word Casey you. Police -- entrepreneurship in the silicon prairie looking back it was one of the best decisions I made with your most Jason -- Philip Kansas City and welcome city entrepreneur KC show I'm chasing 00. Hosts and very excited to announce that Andy. -- a guess as with me today -- -- -- from sprint and the new sprint accelerator power to. By -- stars. There is is going to be gets a scene today and let's get a little lonely in the studio now that it's it's a JC grow our yeah basically so I thought I needed it awesome coast. New Zealand -- -- -- -- on radio so I decided joining me that if we get Johnny Knoxville look like you stated everyone welcome to show we're gonna had a very very exciting show guys we have. We're gonna have 3-D interviews in the gonna start to shots they were on -- -- can -- with him about spring and -- the sluggish travels. And in other topics but today on the show. We are going to you have been our next segment we're going to have. Katie dot from the life why is this life wiser nations. Very -- story. And we're gonna get talking her about how. What they're doing with with aging populations with remodeling in Kansas and I'm excited -- from -- mean this is you know from attack perspective that's something we're really interest and and in the animal -- accelerator sound and a -- sync yeah and it you know she's a lot with finance and she's a VP of this is to build it like -- relations and very very inching interview that'll be in the second segments and make sure you stay tuned for that -- third segment today we are going to you have. Stephen Fuller and Kristen pharaoh from the language project. Very very -- with the doing obviously. And every travelled Europe UEC children who speak like filing which is not you see people who. You know. Did you see it's just cool until they can talk different languages in the United States you see English may -- ranch -- so they have a cool program that's really expanding quickly and I think it's in Baltimore now and it's in Missouri and it's they're going to be going to Kansas soon. Today sleep teach on the second language to English students are Immersion the Immersion because that you guys at a young age is when. You know you can teach it to children are submitting to teach people our age. Again I can't seek more than one language I learn Spanish and I learned Italian island in Italy but it's now gone this -- -- you know I was saying ciao bella. I you know I just back from October fast so I -- I'll say I'm Mossad attack. So anyway so it's gonna be really cool because you always see English or you know the -- that friends are people have friends that have gone and taught English in China are Spain England -- They're gonna talks about this kind of this this group has grown and we're gonna have both of them in serious to be real -- to talk to them in state prison one million cups as well so. Very cool yeah -- in our final segment today I'm very excited we have. I toasty -- which is a five and one wrap. The does about everything it's like a transformer. Four people whether there's a concert at a high school football game. And they they sleep they were very successful and kick serve recently. American aid they got funded with a 177 backers and they're launching in it's it's a really neat product is basically a you know -- -- A year's season the united chair a cushion a -- -- cape a cape. The concert blink did -- a blanket and what else is a hell they held each area -- -- -- it holds the -- it's like him on those camping chairs the acts it and it's warm and -- just five different things it's it's really exceptional mean yeah I think it's going to be you know would we. We'll try it. Will get a using C inaction but. I'm very excited about a -- -- mind does this thing looks and I feel agreement shark tank here so how tough it is states dusty tell dot com bit. I mean I really get excited about these product on -- entrepreneurs and they basically had an idea and then got a prototype then got funded on kick starter and they're from Kansas City and you know -- we're gonna have three people insecure and have Christian Connie and Chris you're all the founders. One of which Connie is the designer in Chris is the marketing person. On some very excited about that interview to be cool to see. Just how this thing works and all the different things in Austin about how they're gonna go to market and get this produce stand and what what's for the future because I could see this is a you know as seen on TV people he's on a shark tank you could see that he could see it in all different types of stories you could see globally licensing possibly colleges. But I think it's you pretty cool it's Meola soccer fields my death toll toll so I'm glad that. That they're gonna be on there so that's the showing guys too if you miss and you are shinji and find us. -- came BC dot com entrepreneur Casey has a podcast page. That has all been revamped recently so it's even cooler now. And then you have. -- at Jason grill on Twitter and at entrepreneur Casey on Twitter and then were also on faced with a partner Casey radio. Follow up with a -- follow us sinister messages love to have us some ideas -- -- have you in your company your your friend's company on the show. And in the future self. Let's get started with -- Eric -- Eric you know it's great to see -- the last time I saw you we watch the chiefs. Broncos game you know what happened there of that game in Denver. With me you know Blake Miller from a think -- Very saying you had a great new house -- looking -- see as Google fiber actually. I had never actually watch TV on Google by area so I mean it was it was -- pretty cool and maybe if you pay a little more attention to game and cheered incentives taking pictures and and three counts on your friends -- I -- and I am I guess those fun and I've always wanted to have you back on the show because. First of all you know you're great guy and they're running can't -- Jim first of -- and second of all armed. Even do a lot of cool stuff. With a string accelerator and we -- Kevin on the show Ken -- and he's told us about. What is in what's going on but I think it's to -- addiction to talk to you today about. You know your experience with the -- groups say you -- on a basically a whirlwind tour. Of the United States few weeks you're right I did so you went to what cities did you get to so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So let's talk about that suit you you first -- in Chicago's are or were you in New York Austin Austin or San OK so. So tell me about you told me a story of the night while I was. -- boulevard your house and eat pizza. And I'm really excited about the chiefs now winning -- actually but you were told a story about. One of the bigger groups I think that was in New York yeah. About Kansas City in in the video until our listeners about that. Yes a former Kansas City perspective I mean everybody. Listen this firm appreciate you know that that Susan moss from the crowd that you heard we are really amazing video that we produce. It's on our YouTube page she got a spring seller in Iraq comments upon our blog there as well. And that we we -- is really amazing video to help us hints are formally take two -- don't history and it's it is amazing. Overhead shots of downtown Kansas City. And the car performing arts center. And and beautiful bridge that crosses the Missouri River. And as those shots came in a planned and has he comes in speaking at this intense music pumping every early so I heard people in the crowd actually saying like that's Kansas City. That was in New York. Yeah place -- yeah. So in there was a rule what 200 people he said yeah we had a full event their New York each of the events was. Jam packed with about you know -- forty or fifty people but the New York event specifically. I'm was held attacks -- New York fantastic facility. Packed the room -- a 150 to 200 people. And so they had there is to get perception. And made people there were in sit in Kansas City it sounds like yes so you know we're going about I'm talking about their corporate access that a company like sprint can provide -- them in the mobile technology space. We're talking about the lifesciences expertise of the region here in Kansas City. And I really like to -- end the live work and play aspect that the city has offer I think it often gets overlooked to mean it's hard today. And to get somebody here to experience and once you do experience it. It's home it's just getting there yeah it's always the Shia. So hopefully you know with -- we obviously have a lot of resources in Kansas City and the one of them obviously as the new spring so greater mobile health. Accelerator tell you note that might be a way to get people here especially they've heard Brent. Well vertex SARS yet and so you know not taking credit -- Every scenario is that a ton of momentum in this community and it's so exciting it's Francis. And happy -- player apart and then. -- -- this race so her free him mean may have heard -- -- moment it's a 20000 square foot. Warehouse say it's in -- -- the crossroads if you right and you're familiar with revealed sporting -- -- as it was in there. And also off the sport is close by -- Mildred is obviously down the street so yeah lots of great bars restaurants on any creative services and agencies around there but we're trying to make -- community space and so. You'll have and basically opens in the public open area work -- come and have meaning has come and hang out. And you know and maybe we can host events there -- that it's going to be -- and add to the cultural and creative density in the area non you'll have a little bit space for some sprint employees immersive TV partners. So comparing uses -- actually off to sing on the space as well as up global. Two are really close partners and community and you'll have that -- -- programming area where. Not tax -- will live for three months of the year and the other nine months for -- I'm hosting events -- classes we've talked a lot about -- -- On training in and really kept trying to educate the money in this community on what it's like to invest in technology not so a lot of different uses for the states are really excited about. -- programming and so your. I've if you -- -- their guys they're they're like -- -- walls and -- it's that looks a lot different -- -- -- -- and sorting was there. Yeah we I'm -- we have. In fact are real -- team has even come back today Canon in and Tina and I commented on we've never done anything this quickly before and this space went from. On it's it's Chalmers and it was and see them build out that it's in today in fact to be completed January 1. Bring -- pain really beautiful doled out were really side I amend their -- outside -- over there. And check out what it looks like -- out OK so tell us through briefly about the application process it's how is he gone safari and then you guys have probably get a lot of the applications you had you know -- semester fees were right now we're recruiting. Talents and entrepreneurs. You Kansas City. Helping to you find the ones here in Kansas City were really looking for. Companies small start -- early stage companies that are tackling problems and health -- space. And really ones that we think we can help the most are ones are using mobile as part of their solutions so applications are open still through January 6. The processor and a great we've we've received a mix. Companies here in Kansas City as well as a bunch from the coasts but so all over the country. Very cool and we'll check that out guys definitely -- -- -- to mention Korea and do or break. Hopefully -- this is an a plus showed that. -- went crazy the other day and you're Nebraska fan he's a breast -- we -- we talked about this what are your thoughts about. Pulling he's going to be staying on the mean I'm with -- you know I honestly he's got a public for. Sun and that is insulting to a lot of people and I understand that in and I think he musical knowledge led the way he treats his players the relationship be hazardous players you can see. -- Arnott now what I will say is if you're not following faux -- leaning on Twitter you are just. I don't hate you -- Seattle -- -- and this guy out or who it is that is hilarious they might be -- actually disguised as a as a community service project but it is awesome. I'm a fund. Conversely -- on -- definitely we we we all all of us entrepreneurs and business owners are sports scenes and as a musician and am very excited that they're forget I was good and I don't SEC champion and our pentagon this year when well tradition they would beat Auburn I mean I really think they should be considered for the Nash Jamie -- because that loss was. You know again against South Carolina. I'm on the Syrian I'll see if they when -- game with Florida State if they both windows. You never know I mean it definitely is still being in the SEC forward. You know getting up there in the top five in the BC SI that loss is tough to your quarterback who's out our best cornerback was out. Both those guys are playing now and we never went back I -- special place in my heart for -- Leon being a big -- schools and -- I'm pulled from Missouri I love it thank you very much we're gonna need it. Guys thanks -- on turner KC show exciting show there we have air -- linger in studio with us for the whole show. We're gonna have Katie Dodd on our next segment from life allies in the nation's. -- and Ferrell and Stephen Fuller from the language project following that and -- in the show today with. The founders of -- -- -- -- CD -- their KC show we'll be right back thanks. Welcome back city entrepreneur Casey Shamir -- chasing grow alongside my. It's just a guess us air force later would call America -- W and studio Erica are you so I am going to be great and great for Cigna today. Let's get right into our seconds and make is we only got about nine minutes for us when we have. -- -- She's the VP of business development and marketing for life wiser innovations they get their right K you got that right and their slogan is -- for life and you see a doctor about the -- Core concepts and verticals that the company and it works then and then we'll get into some other questions after that. -- -- also knew about your background and about life was underage renovations excuse me. Well it's interesting you're talking about finances Manning actually come from a finance background my name my degrees in business and economics and really much his economic still we should talk to let -- -- that journey -- yeah. It gets really boring after out. I started the finance -- and right at the height of the sub prime great offense and decided that that was it for me a little crazy so. Had an opportunity presented to me with the white -- Company and and started there are now five years and -- have helped really -- grow the business from the ground that some. So what exactly does life was -- and he has three different areas of expertise we did know and we have it word traditional -- remodeling company that -- its office 26 year old 26 years old parent company but the likewise division at the height of the recession the remodeling industry is really decimated by. The entire recession that was one of the hardest hit and so. At that time we decided let's reinvent ourselves let's starting Indonesian public -- renovations. And really focus on not only needing market but the market where people are. Having need to disable. You know discharge from the hospital going home need to adapt a home in order to remain there. And are real big key differentiator with this division was bringing an occupational therapist so what we have now is more of a medical model were able to go in and really understand medically what's going on with people. Whether -- -- eating your disability and then we about the environment. To their needs or abilities of this is it this is the aging population -- life twice courtroom company moon aka -- is and you know what's funny about it though is we got into this thinking that we -- -- -- -- aging. And I gotta tell you that 90% of our business is reactive so it's post acute and flight post. -- -- had a stroke and been diagnosed parkinson's alzheimer's whatever the case may be any need to adapt the -- accordingly so we really want people to be mar. Proactive thing you know. Think about you know what's your best life and in your best life -- wanna live you know is that in your current home -- summer house you wanna live elsewhere like out of the state for instance. Or do you wanna go to residential facilities so late independent living assisted living that that -- -- -- This is fascinating and an anti you know my always kind of go and attack angle. With this for animal health accelerator were really looking at some options you some companies applying in the aging in place acts are and it's UNICEF I'm curious what kind of technology is looking at they aside from. I'm let's see at this point we have that we've been approached by some companies but did close technology that I think personally is something called be close. And it's a sensor technology based half -- dot com name and they have the coolest stuff in the house you know make. Refrigerator centers and centers for enterprise star and in you can operate at all from your phone inform your tablet spokesman those things. Well anyway they took in the technology from that. And I violated and to be close and what it is is that the sensor technology systems that you can monitor how your loved ones are doing. For instance if you lived out of state a lot of people are also utilizing it in residential facilities like this is -- living independent living. So there knowing how often their parents are being checked on. But I like -- because it's an intrusive so you don't know it's fairly -- in the favorite -- you put it in the bath and that type of thing but it's not watching you it's distancing him. -- Jason this is what's so inspired me here's here's a traditional business that. Runs NC a pretty big barrier with financial and housing crisis and is simply reinventing yourself and and so. On how much of that core business now if you go in and doing these three models is -- now walls building -- verses finding new technology solutions and and utilizing what's our -- And you know let's see a lot of very often we are not. Tearing down laugh because it's not it's very costly to you know break out laws and to do -- edition and that type of -- so very often. We are trying to stay within the existing footprint Anaheim so I would say. About 80% of the time we're staying within me existing footprint in doing in utilizing what's there any other tiny percent we're looking at other technologies and other things out hustling away. That's funny because I remember when my parents both their house. I can never eliminate it was -- college they wanted to ranch house who you know and it's like that was the both sell this house -- or -- that was the idea like we'll have one level you know I mean now it's like. Obviously -- likewise you guys are doing all kinds of different things and stuff that would anything about my -- -- -- need to angered anyone and she still of their house split I mean. They never wanna live and like facility right so -- -- we kind of we kind of bridge that gap where there kind of OK bit. You know you don't want them falling her one not so -- -- I think there's a huge market obviously you guys and have realized that. -- There is -- use -- in there is a huge racket for I mean I I think the biggest issue that I see. You know working out -- -- that there's a big gap and in the market place right now you know people are either in their home by -- -- by -- or they're going to facility by force or by choice. And so there really isn't that that happy middle ground that allows people more affordable housing options it's just there's two very distinct ends of the spectrum itself. You know we're not really addressing that issue yet at Wi-Fi is maybe somewhere down -- -- but you know it's definitely glaring issue and something that we like to tackle complaint. And you guys are based in Kansas City. -- a culinary knowledge Prairie Village and how -- the VP of business development told slid about that process because. You know that's got to be tough to there's a lot of competition I'd imagine in the remodeling industry. Well you know -- just thinking about the -- -- division as we haven't used traditional. Strategies or techniques in terms of going out marketing the possess sell our biggest refer to as health care at this point. And so we've really kind of gone above and behind and the traditional methods. But we've also had to. Be the pioneers essentially of a business that is not well known in the medical industry you know late. There's lots of things that are. Taking into account and what's called the continuum of care so when people are distracting from the hospital they're addressing all these things they need in order to go home then. Home modification has never been one of those things. And so I have over their past four years I've. Five years now almost bang my head against the wall trying to talk to people that hey we really need to -- the French Italian home but because Medicare doesn't pay. Our Medicaid it's not and it's it's a private -- everything or it is credit paint it's -- sibling. It's it's harder killed. Allying ourselves with health care because it's one of the few industries where people have an expectation going in that their services are going to be paid for. This is now changing any time in the futures act is that just an old rule -- -- is being mommy and some went. I would love. Four but I think coliseum necessary to come down and pay for their stuff but I don't see it happening any time soon I would say that. What I would see happening what I hope is something like a blue cross the -- and say. We'd be willing to pay you know -- thousand dollars per person. Over their lifetime to get. Certain things done and then the rest is your responsibilities so maybe that would be impetus that they would need to just make the first -- I don't know if it's gonna happen any time soon but I'm hoping. From a financial perspective for the families at some point their -- in the and the -- breakeven point -- makes more sense they keep. Know -- longer apple corps you know Smith a disability inside the home crowd. It is I mean and actually in most cases it does because it is cheaper but there are instances where you know they're not able to care for themselves -- level and it's very taxing on the family so they need to. Explore their options but. In most cases you know most rumor going into the homes of our clients. They have a goal in mind you know it's I wanna get three or four years out of the home before I have to go over to a care facility. -- something along those lines and it's much cheaper I mean you're looking now on averaging Kansas City. It's 3000 dollars a month on the low end to stay in the care facility and that's not including the buying and so you eat your buying and that you know 12050000. Dollars and then you know paying your rent that -- banks now. There and saying well Katie we really appreciate come on the show today. And he -- VP of business development for a life wise renovations the website is -- life flies. Likewise -- nations dot com great website to there's all kinds of information about the services projects process and the team there. Okay every day thanks for coming on the air thank you. We're back on the auctioneer KC show -- Phyllis. Kansas City and welcome back to the entrepreneur KC show I'm your host Jason grow alongside. One of my favorite guest host -- Walsh later. Happy to be here they're good to see you again we've got a great -- so far guys. -- -- pretty good I think harakiri. Your your veteran man I feel like you now after -- we've -- through -- -- to the strengths or greater industry and the like guys you know moniker radio I'm -- phenomenally temp profound. -- you know what we we've had a great showing guys excited about our our next guest we have a to find individuals in studio today we have. Kristen -- and the owner of the language project and Stephen Fuller these sales and marketing guy at the language project. Very excited talking about all that's going on the language project they have prison and that one million cups. I think sometime in the spring time of 2013. So we haven't had among the area but I'm happy to have been -- and Chris and I understand your first radio appearance of all time tennis they couldn't be happening in their places that are Gergen as well. That no holiday season -- nine. I'm so why don't we start off with Chris and I know you traveled here from a Google Smith film Missouri. Tells about a little bit about your background and then -- talk about building -- project. OK well and -- CIA it went to college and graduated with a degree in education. And got into that field and I -- -- I don't know file and use this for their arrest of my life what I love kids I love this. This type of business we'll have what's -- like for me so I was a director of the child care surfer and six almost seven years here in Kansas City. I'm -- and liberty. And my best friend from college came to meet with an idea she was living in Spain as Sarah Greenland. And she said Hamdoon this thing over here with kids aware teaching English to them. Has language learning is very important and other countries. And very important right it is they've they've put a lot of stock in language learning in other countries and so. She said that we're doing this program and going into daycare -- I'm doing in this really fun and hand sign that experience with the students there. What do you think about bringing this over to the schools in the United States. And what do you think about doing it with me and I said. I think UV the and it is so you know I started I started talking about curriculum with her we started. Talking about that wave that it's American students learn our pre school system our school system and started to develop. This program and and helping her but I still away as I was still thinking I've got this job and it pains me. Every week and I just don't know about jumping blurred. This and just going into the unknown just I think just like every other entrepreneur you're just have that time where you gotta make a decision. And -- that decision came. -- a year ago in September I jumped on board with her. But at least started the program. About a year and a half ago full boring Kansas City we actually launched the program. Before I came -- and hearing Kansas City. Well congratulations you know you always hear about I mean. -- you know we don't they go over ex girlfriends of mine but I have one -- -- sister his teach senior English and staying right now and Madrid it's -- you -- you hear about this obviously when you if you've been over there before. You meet people that know like five languages and maybe that's because the countries are close together are there -- travel a lot more because it's a lot easier than. Traveling in the US but if you don't hear about it as much in the United States so I mean it's it's definitely filling a void I think I'll answer especially in our community. Yeah any I think there's research doctor -- on the capacity as of a child to learn is languages and what it does them later in life even if they are speaking on the right. Yes and good for you for knowing now that. And it's just it's so not true and BM research just shows us that. Language learning is gonna be imperative for this group of children and the children following after for them to be truly competitive. In a global market they need to have a second language and this portion of your brain that takes and how language is ready to take in a language from birth to eleven years old. And it becomes more to -- after that. It's so difficult I actually did took Spanish in high school again and I did too it's all gone now I took on -- I did get a Italian and I -- -- is over there and I learned didn't it's all gone now because it just leaves you so I think you're right I mean with children. It's just so imperative and -- they have a school and can see that teachers and for challenge. I don't know -- out -- that's pretty cool to an -- friend of -- their kid goes there and you know she's fluent she's you know. That's amazing grace even come and -- foreign language academy and there in fourth and kindergarten and their fluent Spanish. It's not so seamless for you when you're India -- during the sales and marketing obviously well known -- -- your QB I tell us about your role and and how you're gonna grow this going witch project. Man so. -- Sarah come to Kevin -- -- my brother Kevin and I have Fuller creative LLC which marketing branding company here in town council small house. And no that's that's one of -- -- it's like -- You have to run a big shot get your stuff done and I work with people that are great we can move you know one of us can be somewhere at all times and he's done we get we get to work on a different projects very cool so Chris Spencer came to Kevin and nine. With this idea and Kevin went full bore and just you know he designed all of the learning materials all the coloring pages you see. And the united all the digital stuff and then he built a web site. And you know we're up we're not -- a family so we can work very closely together. Get all the stuff Don. Hands do it -- you know on the presidency that. You know we're all going to be successful in the end. So so you're you're you're in sales and I am assuming you're selling into school districts or private schools so if I if I'm a perspective. Costs -- -- what's the pitch what what where's he's going through I mean how much many -- some of the school. If you look at you know one of the things they talked to with the teachers and directors. This is this is it about economics. 30% of our population is going to be Hispanic. Within the next ten to twenty years you know that is an ever increasing number so we want our children. To be successful and the parents of your students want their children to be successful. Then we have to give them the proper tools to do that. And that is an immersive language learning program. So that when they get to the time that they needed job or they're starting their own business. They can communicate with what we see is a minority now which will not really be a true minority by the time our kids and our grand kids. Are getting jobs in and we run into you know our biggest competitor. Isn't other. Businesses -- biggest competitor is getting past the political. Mindset. Of language and site settings so big. Sending men and everywhere out. We're actually causing the problem you know and what we wanna do is solve that problem and create a problem for. High school and college teachers so the when our kids get high school. They're already fluent in Spanish. -- get that customer service job. And then go get those jobs that will be so prevalent if you want to if you wanna compete on a global market and but even nationally in the future. You will have to speak more than one language and Spanish is the second most spoke language in the world. So tell us how the actual program works inside a school from a student. OK so what we do is we provide native speaking language teachers they come into the school. And they spend thirty minutes to an hour depending on the size of the program the school wants to do. Completely immersed with the children which is a little hard for the regular room teachers to kind of get used to first because here is a teacher coming in she. Totally speaking in Spanish playing in Spanish and beginning the kids are why died the other trying to figure out what's going on. And but by the end of it. They know how to introduce themselves. They know how to play and it's all done through this TPR system. Which -- and Sarah. Had developed that is all based around song and immersive play with the kids. It is going to yes have different Britain brackets Frazier says -- on the website as well so it doesn't age eleven is -- yes. -- and that again. You know through the research and everything else we know that that is kind of when their language learning centers start to slow down. No there this is the prime time for development if you think about how you learned your first language and it was through Immersion because of the world around you is just going on your parents are talking to you in and playing with you so why would we teach our children. They're second language. Any differently from the way we taught them their first we don't works. And it just seems weird to think about that doesn't it. Solid and -- and as I have friends viewed did this in China -- -- taught English in China and and for him it was an Immersion program for him to it's great so -- I -- is now able to I'm saying from a job perspective. You know. I have a friend -- in State Department and he knows he learned Russian and I believe he learned Chinese remainder. And I thought the timing I thought it was nuts you know like when your high school for now he's. Traveled the world and as a really get paycheck. Agree retirement one day when you talk about -- like at 35 year growth. Mandarin for us is that next -- the the next may -- Today really should be I mean honestly like it is it is huge I mean obviously with China and all the aren't neither -- we heard about this millions of times the let's try the next frontier I would -- to talk about success so far worry where are you guys right now what's next. We are currently operating. In. Kansas City. And at some outlying areas in the Kansas City area -- end the misery said. It's Missouri side but we're working nine Kansas right now we got some irons in the fire over in Kansas where they're ready to go there were waiting where will get a good. -- follow up follow them there is yeah there is better and we are active league it doing programs in Lincoln Nebraska Grand Island, Nebraska and a -- grant. We're operating in the -- public school district right now for an after school program for their elementary students. We are operating in liberty Missouri with their public school district as an after school program for them as well. We are also in Baltimore Maryland we have a fantastic program going in Baltimore are we've seen great growth fair. And that we are also working on adding Dallas in the next year. As well as we're growing our program in Des -- we're acts doing Christian and doing and after school program right now I'm working on that territory as well. So we have a little over a thousand students. Throughout all the programs. As they currently exists and you talk about like the power of social media which has been a lot of where our branding and growth has come from especially after one million cups. We're getting it's cool the present a woman cups and it may know those guys are there and ladies but it's a good fit into its unique. Of the differing you know I mean it's not a tech related that you know I mean it's beautiful out there that they're lying different -- on -- -- now it was. You know it if it came at the perfect time for us because we're about 69. Months old into really. How we're gonna develop and grow and I mean our social media following doubled. Overnight. In October we were invited via Twitter to bid a 115 schools in the Baltimore school district. All the conversations happened via DM and then we moved to email. Until we flew out there to meet with tempted to work on the bed some -- as. Seeing a lot of success outside the kids series and it sounds like you know scalable till now it's great you know what when he -- -- do you today expand re here at home that. That's been the that's been the that's been the biggest the biggest hurdle is you wanna grow home to save money. You know we're employing teachers and army engineer driving right now Chris and asked to commune tool to Lincoln. -- two minutes teachers and stuff out there and we really are focused on in the next couple months. Growing programs right here in Kansas and Kansas City knocking doors doing stuff like this. Very cool on -- about thirty seconds left guys that really appreciate you come on the show today and -- fare on Stephen -- from. The language projects. Eat we can find John mine again at language project kids dot com. I think our listeners to check out the FAQ page for all the questions -- -- into it's -- very well done on the website nice work Stephen thank you and then find you guys on on Twitter which readers for talking about -- TOP. Kids that cracked yep that's the area -- and that they can interact with both our our schools in Spain and our English speaking parents on this social. Thank you very much for coming on the show -- they -- MS. We'll be right back announcer -- Still at Kansas City and welcome back. To our final segment today on the entrepreneur Casey radio show on -- grow alongside. -- -- -- -- W. Learned a lot and -- and an awesome learn a lot great show it and glad to have you and CEO. Guys if you -- the World Series you can find us on mine act came easy dot com all the podcasts are you on under there on the right side of the screen. And also online -- on turner Casey radio on FaceBook and at entrepreneur Casey on Twitter. You can reach out to me -- well at -- -- on Twitter and if you if you like to on the show or any recommendations for future guest -- love to hear them. But coming up on her final segments there we have a a true product on turner. Three -- product on trainers that is. In studio. -- -- -- talked is about tiger mosquitoes are we -- live demo we we we as we know we had a demo. Very cool. As you know products are very important me entrepreneur self. That's what you always think about when you think about the back in the day. You know entrepreneurship before -- -- you know your your neck of the woods which usually we're gonna -- apps and what not yet people creating socks things yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so I thought. So our last segment we have Christian. Connie and Chris. The founders of the toasty -- and Connie who is the designer of tasty -- The website is. Toasty -- dot com check it out guys welcome to the studio. They -- those -- and -- gotta you've got -- close we are going to be an. I'm so so tell us teller diluted about before -- and all the functionality about this tells about the concept. And where the idea came from. -- from. Well my name's Christian and I'm really really happy to be here I will say this so quickly guys Christian is wearing that Casey from -- one so he received extra brownie points yeah. And I you know there. If you don't have a -- you gotta go get a pair I -- -- anti Christian thank you. I come amid solid and it kind of fun there ago. Barry but actually I'm were kind of tech guys are cells and sold about a year ago we were -- tree in another product out there called -- and that's actually get ready to launch right now. But I was in my son's football game and a couple of Yeltsin the right to me they were to freeze and then they forgot their blankets. And I guy comes up next to me we have had is up. Turn folding back -- and dream bag is surely feel he camping chair -- and so he's trying to get that thing out any terms you know punts and up punts and then finally he just throws it down to them -- his wife actually finally got out. And I just. That was coming up -- moment there I was thinking and what if you could have something that carried venture that fully share. But yet kept you warm and dry too so that's -- that's the first and the show is the odd moment that was it as a -- that game. I called my incredible designer friend Connie she does all kinds accustomed clothes and she took the idea and made it real. There's so Connie and even do this for a five years and I've seen on the -- her campaign with. Creating a lot of different cool things yeah that's right I'm a Christian came to me yes he had a very rough and isn't for me if I'm. -- here that's putting it -- -- here makes doesn't how to destiny and he is sleeping bag and blanket okay. So I cut the bottom half and I turnarounds -- and I I need some material we've got to start from scratch and and that's what we didn't. And if you guys wanna check out some photos or listeners -- -- -- cancer campaign secondly you have a lot of cool photos of your first design and prototype and there's a picture of Connie cutting a sleeping bag apart the day I mean obviously he has a picture this thing is like that transform need to sleep Magnus. Love it and while this is one of the time's always had a a Cameron's studio -- so we can -- demo here but. But SEC guys connected needed the first design and prototype and then you you obviously got back to the drawing board and then another prototype. So tell us about that process and we'll get into all the different things it does and pretty months. It was trial and air and started out very basic tests sleeping bag with no bottom basically. Added the duels are separating zipper. And then we knew we want it to sense it -- I looked at her sweat shirts and things like that and figured hey why can -- -- that at the top. And therefore we had to -- stop. -- -- fabric on the outside. T make it weatherproof and on the inside. Whereas the athletes -- did you stay nice and -- moon and and being able to since it of course surrender races really important to Christians. And then we just he -- hate Connie I needed to do this next let's figure out where India or the straps need to go men and from there. But it is just out of it happening again it's a case so let's let's get into the that that that the ready for market the actual prototype the you've brought in studio to the lovely red and black and white with the ST -- Tell us let's go through the differing uses of the Tennessee -- starting off with number one which is a cushion. You call the toasty. -- direct the other number one news when it's folded up and has a little armed strap on and and it's can be carried around in when you go to a sporting event or game. Usually the adventure where every innocent and is either cold or wet and he even said the stunning music Tanzania. Seat cushion. The number to use is when your legs get cold there's a lot of times these games early morning it's freezing cold and he gets warmer in the afternoon. You're going in shorts. You. I'm strapped the velcro. Unfolded and sit down put it over your legs since it around your waist. Yeah -- -- -- mankind has demonstrated this and signed -- singers like basically I think he SMS they want resistant tilts his that I knew what you where I hit it back down their case so I got there are OK so -- -- our first seat our first we're gonna surface this -- the first. Uses the -- commission prime seats and then you take it apart and you move it around and then you have what is called the -- which is the chair wrapped. Type deal all right -- goes over you like sweat pants kind of and your feet come by the end. And so it keeps you warm in the inside obviously is a fleece material correct. And that's actually the most popular com we did a lot of lot of market research on it and we went to several sporting events and some -- city vessels. And that's the most popular one that people really get cold on the bottom a lot more and we even in. OK so then so then you know. You pull over yourself you rip a couple you've got a little zipper and it becomes a podshows slash. Tape tape if you we've also called the -- today in the -- Internet access but I imagine I imagine yourself with a posture after I feel like a football player to have on the sidelines when it's cold out over his pads -- right that's correct and so that's number three. So then as Connie is demonstrating she basically then took the number three phase into the blanket -- of. All smoke that. Well after you're done with the punch of phasing you can unzip it all the way open. Lay it down flat put the rip stop nylon down to the ground in the -- up on the top. And you can use it for what we call a spontaneous picnic. It's big enough for a couple people who sit down in you know keep from that getting grass and. Blake gave you could use it at a sporting event if you're like for me as a misuse and you get a -- if I don't take units on the hill there you can uses a blanket. So then so then the last thing you can do is he is literally can like tied up they didn't in in very easily I would say guys and it becomes a -- carrier. Right we all have these chairs that we take two games that fit in these small little sleeves that are just real obnoxious to try to get back in especially in Harry. But that doesn't tell you lay it down you folded up. Three ways drop your chair and two velcro straps and turn over your shoulder your on your way into your car throw in the trucking you're ready for your next event. That's really perfect for concert I mean that every single one of these things must must weather going to be like at an SEC champion -- -- inside the yeah. So so it's a final on -- -- product guys and you guys just monster are you actually finish your kick starter congratulations you were successfully at a 177. Backers. You raise over 151000 dollars your goal is 145 C made it and congratulations on that as you know it's a tough process to get their -- search a lot of reach out your friends and family isn't. There is a wild right we didn't realize them we've been am actually Chris nice shot a couple -- or videos for another front of ours. I'm but it was a lot more of a wild ride but luckily we had soc one on ones are happy the way -- the city's been successful now I mean we've got them. A handful earlier products that have. And funded and into your point two you know were ten guys to soldiers now with with the product and -- you guys have paid waste a lot of but a lot of times you need a break from the ones and zeros right and he totally -- and so okay so now we've -- -- questions are we need you to pipe in here a few months while. But I'm just wondering when I can get when -- had. -- -- -- -- guys are gonna have their. Colors teams that imagine fair and the and the sky's the limit on that right. -- -- right now our current types we have a read a blue and black we did some research and found out that those were the most popular colors. -- road do you know we're looking a lot of things we have people come into us wanted to get their -- favorite team colors. You know -- all that kind of stuff is all down the road but for right now -- -- been successful we're gonna make him available on our website to purchase here real soon. In fact today there they are -- that we don't there are available now OK so guys you can check that it toasty took dot com. Bryant -- as your video I mean I'm looking your kick starter campaign I mean you got. Great information about the product and all the specs is that is second on the website there is the video on the -- -- -- king -- real. On the web -- right now we're gonna transfer all the content like he says I mean. The great thing about kick servers you get a lot of -- feedback before you go to you on your factory and have them make everything in the -- find out that things were wrong. I'm RR I'm backers I'm sure yours were the same. Were given us all kinds of -- ideas and how to make it better and it's just going to be so much better than it was before we're actually expecting the factory the next factories simply come in tomorrow couple more modifications will be rated please order. -- tend to not know yeah. President that's nice what's out what's next for you guys here beyond text starters unifil saw his sales at I'd be easy trust me it's going to be a lot of -- joining us. And what we're we're going to be meeting -- Jason very soon enough hotel tonight that's Clancy you're asked a snotty CN 177 backers so. -- to create a lot of these dissidents but absolutely I mean the the initial order we're actually that was another wild ride on the manufacturing side we. -- Most factories had minimum quantities of 150000. We found a great partner in Ohio. They're allowing -- to just 20023. Colors at that quantity. Which is for this kind of product is a big deal so that's been a true blessing right there. Mean that's fantastic and so you're gonna do that what -- looks great and then. You know tell us about like this that the -- I mislead the year plan here after you get. -- a year kick servers that in February you develop 2000 and or any going to marking motor. Big lug the motor were starting to go in there now that it's like you said it's up on pre order right now. We're gonna take pre orders through at least in this month maybe another week in the next month. And then. Product should come in in late January sometime in February. But we've been an -- fortunate to have. Two brand new. While we secure for from a funding I think Johnson today. Very good record okay congratulations. And one -- is on the entrepreneur Casey. A carrier first and then OK so. Let's get under that we have about two minutes left in the show today let's get done the retail price. And how you can open that. Yup it that's. Again based on. The price from the factory. And I'm knowing that we're gonna have to go into retail so right now retail price 4995. We plan on getting that down. As Lowe's we can this week is we can't right now you can purchase them pre ordered them on the website for 29 dollars allowance of 40% off right there. -- he can NIC it is. Did this to -- he -- guys it's a top quality product it's great to get. Product obviously we've seen insinuate we definitely will vouch for what we're -- absolutely. So. You know people I think -- 29 dollars it's a very unfair for us this soccer mom across mom whatever you can really anybody in this size and the area here and midwest section on when he's at how. You know whether his rounds a perfect that thing to think with that game the other favorite feedback car that we gut was and a ladies said that shall have one for her and her husband. And LT two of them in the trunk of their car for sports events and sudden picnics. I thought that. -- expect Syria to Tennessee to people have like a ten and one thing this. Like ten years -- any -- just -- that every year ought to Conlon dusty you know three don't know this audio and the economy got this idea. And I did also announced today on because our backers have been so amazing that we were. I'm gonna have the logos silk screen that we're going in Boston we're gonna bite the bullet and we're gonna embroidered I'm sorry if that's my pretty background coming. I had -- -- we're going embroidered logo and that is just gonna again keep that quality -- That's great cause it's so important. Guys we really appreciate come on the show we have Christian cunning Chris the founders. Marketers designers everything in one of Tennessee took a model and models just isn't good dot com check it out. A -- thinks are coming in today and they thank -- So let me turn -- the other big is that the entrepreneur Casey shepherd hey guys thanks for listening and Eric will hopefully see you back soon I had a blast out -- -- -- -- you will let you will have a great day -- season.

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