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Midday with Jayme and Wickett 02-15-17 4th Hour

Feb 15, 2017|

Something interesting happened to our producer Travis, hear his story.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

2106. Coming up an hour from now Dana and parks Ivan hurt her but I see there is food at her death though that might be Michael brought up what is the new guys gonna bomb run a bond that's so hard. Why mom I enemy that Rhonda bombs and a new guy Michael he's a guy that likes creative Sox. Think about Trevor he's the one that. Set a negative comment about Dana's age OK gotcha. As we know. I but they clicked on May have tempted fate. With the ridiculous weather we're having right now I put the winter boots in the basement mr. in their boots are gone for the season something closer to flip flops bowl yeah it's not quite so maybe this weekend will be flip flop on. As we get to you. Let that's about this weekend it's all those flip flops season for sure it's also almost under season which makes me very beats you because I last year. Yeah he's right there. Travis because last year by the time I have lost enough weight to go down couples eyes as we were work hours under a season but it wasn't worth it at that point to replenish all my summer clothes. Perfect wait a few weeks a wonderful but that I can do it. It's an excellent wicket my husband and I own the taco John's and only we'd be happy to bring some pertain only race. Well high paying pounding that's a great connection I'd love to add your. Powdered cheese topped tater tots bring me some to hit it. I'll have to go check yours or the world that request. Tacos to detail. Travis. Had something happened today that. I don't going to make this into a large discussion but it has this story has to be told. Any of the freeway 576779. Or 22980. On because it's not about Smart and my first one was oh my god. But my second what was it makes me sad Travis let god tell your story. And that I. It's short and quick but I was leaving my house does letters put down my garage and in my car in this they impose. Right right behind my car in the my drive in ways that pollute my driveway. Near me. Rolls on his window and he says. Your black aspect where you can aim for. Annie's dries off. But our team you know say I'm from Texas but. Take your black ass. Backward came for him. University Park. Have a feeling he'd maybe in the neighborhood I could be wrong I have CNET and where do you live with city coach Johnny into the John. Before and we talked about all of your experiences. Things like that a lot of horrible. Things like this before. Some have never been as blatant as yelled out to me straight up get your lack gas act like I'm from playing football I've heard almost every. Being in the dictionary it's it's made me. That's boulder in racial. But com. Outside of school football it's more like whispered to somehow it's kind of here. But never just hate. Or use our right go back to where you came from so cute. I got to ask isms are wondering is it possible he was joking. No I don't I don't think so either but some say you can't know this you can tell. Between a joke voice Adam. Serious and meaningful voice voice. Definitely and what's funny is why. Did because it is banned again but as I'd get out my street. On my way to work at the same spotlight as well right next to each AD role as window with any other wonderful words of encouragement rose windows that is gave me mode deaths there and so yeah the island you live in a game that's there in and around. So you're feeling and something like that happens. It's kind of gotten onto it but like it is at the last at all. It. I've been in wait some mini I think I grew a little bit of a bit of weights he fights have to realize. Nowadays. If I were to try to engage that. I don't know what this is have a gun was hurt in your life where this would happen off the football field. And you wouldn't be made in a violent way got confrontational pressure. The younger meet the high school me you know. Not much and college but the high school me I would. Probably an hour. I'm sorry dude I mean I'd. That's his socks me night. It it it's stories like that that make you just knew your jaw drops and and eat you can't believe that even in twenty you can't believe I guess even into any seventeen. Or still behaving this way. And I have no equivalent of that of something I've had to deal with in my life nobody pulls up is is okay short curl no actual each and fraud and the most distance. Comparison I have and this is a well I don't even like to bring us up but the the first thing I could think up lies like being cat called as a woman. Yeah sometimes trashy and negative and demeaning things are sad because I'm a woman. That are joking they're people being jerks. But that ages and that is something that I guess that we should have to deal with the women that we would say we get used to buy it we know are part of society. This is uglier than that to me this is what avenue Travis is uglier it just my first thought was wow you know I think we're common unit or organs somewhere. And then you realize that area were shot. It kind of brings me into like a lot of people or. It's our outside of a bubble. Like he does live so compact that they can say to things. No word came from 5767798. If you wanna join the conversation 5767798. A lot lot of tax cut it out there thinks it and says it out loud what kind of person does. That deals that Al don't know. I don't know an immature person. As the first word comes to mind at the nicest word I can think I mean again we've talked about racism a lot of this this show. It's not illegal to be a big it is not illegal alien races appeal last like this guy and buy it I mean. It's terrible it's it's really there's no mercy it's a respect. And change that. That's the big question how do you change. Ignorant attitudes like that. You're just joining us Travis was getting into his car van pulled up behind him Travis is a black guys you know these are stationed black guy. Somebody pulled up behind him and said take your black ass back to where it came from and he almost had time to sail on from Texas. And the guy drove off. How I don't know will. We ever well. Yeah we ever well it's just. Sad and disappointing ands and common Travis is take you better than we are things I'm in which. Travis came it and told us in the office and dramas you know pop is headed. It hey guys here's a story that happened to me guy told me to my black aspect Greg came from you anyway the show Jamie nice lately and on second this wasn't a speed bump bro yeah. And we asked is it okay that we talk about it. Because is yeah I don't. I don't know what the neighborhoods like but if somebody were to notre roses is okay that we talk about Stephen Odessa you're right 91 KM BZ hi Steve. I. Hey is like I told Travis bombs are that that happened to which should not effort that there are our ignorant people in this world that are all of placed that. Honestly it happens on both DIL. Lakers' that the black Panthers saying we must kill what they eat eat it and this likely your keeps seeing all over FaceBook about Al. We kill white people. I don't think you much conversation about those things going on just. When it's on the side I mean I'm sorry that it happened there are your people well under. I'm sorry we I don't mean that hang up by Nia I had the wrong button their butt. We have covered plenty of racism on both sides you can choose to see wouldn't and hear what you want but we have covered plenty of it on both sides let me just doesn't justify any. To stay in the middle here let me ask the same question. Let's go at this point for second and assume it happens on both sides. Equally. I don't think it does but let's play the argument I think how does change the attitude that on either side how do you change the attitude. I think it happens on both sides I think there are. Racist black people and there are racist white people admit it probably happens more for me racist white person because there are more white people. The numbers but I don't think I I think there are a lot of black people don't like white people and they're a lot of white people would only black people based solely on this and our anti calls now it's your calls Max Steve Nancy Thomas sold it to you if you. Are just joining us again Travis was told think is black ass back to where it came from this morning before work 5767798. It's mid day with Jamie wicket your calls next 91 KM BZ 981 KM BZ mid day with Jamie wicket when nineteen. Travis our producer was. Verbally accosted today. Travis go and tell your story again middle to steal your thunder. I was it was had my self to work in. Car pulled up rolled his window down and just said hey ticker black as back where you came. And any drove all. And yeah it wasn't a joke it was the it was on most sincere angry voice. That I can explain honestly any idea if it isn't your neighbor or not he me Mina and perhaps in advance of the drives around me he lives a few blocks away I'd you know I've seen him. 5767798. Stephen Lawrence you're next up I 91 KM BZ. This button is stuck. Now I got a power line to his button sticks all right Steve now you're on KM BZ. Hey guys I'm I'm from England but I was your state every time that we need to repeat in the Purdue Pittman. Great show whoever the diet that they did that on the deck and got a mental problem tonight. I think he handled it well budget basically and whatever dude but I hope you guys take this and I'm that you talk about racism as a white person. And people run for this bill like they don't want they don't wanna touch it. I'm the gonna be down off on a Petit guy. I voted for Donald Trump because I got sick and tired of feeling like I had to apologize for being heterosexual. And white. And the reason being I don't care yeah I don't care if your black. But it is what white. People like men in particular have really lately been up on the crop here and a couple of on rarely in the reverse racism when your breath that. I wouldn't think Louis that would have been devastated by this thing and spurred them. What you've ever been the berg and but the area they're talking about it is it housing complex is about the side that. You know it's a large apartment building. There reality is that if you really look at what happened there and really look at it honestly. You'd you to meet you know that could've happened what you look at what Michael Brown had done that. Then you look at the University of Missouri where I went to school might not that my daughter just graduated. And it's been destroyed in my opinion by its battery school I went to school there and into because of the overreaction. It basically it is its class there enrollment. You can get in doubt hurt the football that. I know what it's horrible you racism but it awful horrible. It beat it overreaction. People I mean that might not have been returning eight mile attorney eat as black people not call them up obviously. Some black people little that are part of these. The groups that feel that there. They're being you know victimized. It literally blocks and Greek town trying to incite people to say something and it and they're just trying to eat raw. You know ire of about people trying to create unrest you. Travis what if they are actually addressed the cholera there. I'm kind of tired of having to apologize for being straight like. I mean you read on apologizes for but I'm kind of tired of being stopped at my house and saying go back came I don't think Stephen Lawrence who's going back Saint Louis very rarely as somebody tell that. I mean I I have no idea of Ferguson has to do with you being yelled that. I don't know like. Ms. zoo and has to do it being yelled that some is fast on. Think that how do you deal with there's racism there's a white guy unless you are a victim Monday again right. I opinions about Rosie I'd like that we had a president of the university that was forced out it was kind of held hostage by a group of football players. But that was a group of black guys saying there is it racism problem here at the university isn't dealing with who might tell them their wrong and I don't again I. May we need to get people to stay on topic played. Whatever is going on at the zoo are in Ferguson or whatever to Steve's point. It has nothing to do with Travis I'm a heterosexual light mailed to and I don't worry about anything I don't feel like I've been left behind or anything like. And let's assume it's happening on both sides how to stop it stop calling it reverse racism and a. It's just racism are greatly if your big towards a white person or a black person or Mexican or whatever. It's racism does the reverse racism getting rid of that term. And I don't I I I don't walk this way about ever wanna walk around. Scared. I'm a white person right which I've. Like I said I've been through a media times I'd don't ever walk round scared of anybody at the same time I don't want anybody just Ramey pulled my house. And it could have gone worse than what was the first hour cut of yeah. You never know the guy that could really wanted to do yeah I've never lived in a neighborhood whereas somebody who want to meet right it's it's Thomas in midtown not Thomas or 91 KM BZ. They got great. Yet. It up. Who ago. All black hat. Alter it all work and other U dub it. I'll be a little bit. Locker there. A bag. And LB waiter well. We get that door. If it bit church now. I would never allow. Me. Like. These what you. Aren't out. It. The back quickly out. Well don't look at the that your key at record yet making it. Eric thanks for the Vogel Thomas appreciated by 7677985767798. Give me at Nancy Italy out Nancy I 91 KM BZ. We take. It is sadly it potatoes and tackled felt a little big run for the border. At a club. Black. We make my beautiful. Then at the trade that you've got or. Can you can't reimport it adds that our dark. Hand when. My neighbor. That what I am looking. I want you know boy are very. Meg would never. Thought that one scared yeah. Looking at 8 PM eastern right out and get art and color. There are more. You know. And could be dead in my kids and their. Content do people. Yeah it sucks that it comes to Batman and it really dies and that the phone called land sea and we'll see it at that present. It just sucks that it comes to that. And I know I'd people think I exaggerate when they say were no further along to a doctor Cain walked and we snuck a black president and I'm telling yeah. I don't. I mean are people be in you know. Our fire hoses being turned on black people know on paperwork for a girl I mean on paper we we segregated. We we put schools we knicks bulls back together yeah. And we don't like people the back of the bus anymore. But in attitude sometimes I wonder if there's a lot of racism that lingers obviously there's we've got into my question yeah. Do we really deep in Lee's summit and 81 KM BZ. ID. The only ones they deer on the air. But to have that. Record. Yeah punishing you. Lay that out. I'm not gonna ask and answer EL he's in shiny he's in terms of phones or is right now. Well I just want it and check it against. And I can't imagine anybody means that your kids to think like that does that make him. So you're Shawnee resident and your and you lived in the the the area for a long time I'm going to assume what went too windy you when you hear something like that what do you think. About your let's assume the guy lives in the area your neighbors. Well I think about it yeah it yet. At all. Oh. I. If you're listening and you are harder to feel a senior. And it's got to music is part that would have been attacked. Let's get Dylan up Dillinger and 81 KM BZ I Dylan. Not a bad and it's bad. I sort of look command Travis song on his reaction to the situation. Away and it. We can kind of start changing people's. Attitudes toward the screen and not to say that it's not a big deal for more people to wait and handled situation Travis did. That's basically deciding. Ever at a boiling situation and the more power you'd ordered by reacting the more he's gonna gonna do it took them like actually is. Not that it is not a big deal it is but we have people black white. Hispanic whatever it is that are just able kind of brushed the situation off. So OK and you know I'm going to be a better person too long it might help. Change people. It's so true and thank you Dylan it's so true it's like when someone trolls you on line or whatever or your own FaceBook page and they're just trying to get a reaction. I. I don't know if it had been Rubino flipped on me. Or Biden and Travis issues about would handle this only has seed and that's personal you know it's different when they're attacking something you say this is them attacking two years. Witches. In out just based on the color scan. We'll take a few more calls on this thinks the vocal ability Ronald we'll get T Iran Renee by 767798. Your reaction. Travis today was told to take his black ass. Back to word came from before he came into work to start Tuesday. Fund latest headache after he didn't get any unknown Valentine's Day. And then he goes heads I mean Travis you had a rough point melt love you later. Did you get a good meal had a great and didn't borrow one dynamite finish up tonight the impact of the problem I had to vote Erica. 98 line KM BZ May Day with a Jamie and wicket Jamie minus Ellie my quick hits. Coming up add to apply sixteen and parks we'll check in with Scott and Dana before they take the year we've heard the cac. They just extra loud disease that rare forms and they both sound. Close to our. Do with Elena morning. Warning you right now something on Alan don't really unfazed by do you assume that hello so well and Steelers and right now the we're talking about tennis of the net into our producer Travis. Today he was getting out of his leaving his house closed the garage she was getting in his car and a guy drove up to his driveway. Rolled his window down from his man. And told Travis take is black ass back to where it came from. Anderson sunny. You know I I don't know where you being less surprised it happening but it was and so on. So a lot of legal attacks on when no Travis you're not leaving for Texas anytime soon right accessory from now on Ali because there wasn't enough to get treatment it is. It's now a 57677985767798. Let's go to run in midtown here on 91 KM BZ. Move. Very outlawed armed for a total single woman and child one out you know first. And in the gorge true. I'm everywhere same note he did a source terms as a reaction did. We should have in the fact that you know that people carry that approach more often. That's government changes and I truly down there. Think that's not a that'll help determine that that time frame the moment but that's not gonna go change anything. Problem. Are saying. The biggest problems is recognizing. No reduction over where you can from. The fact that if you don't any native plug in your system you know at least what the last for a hundred years new. Everybody knows once a year. An analyst Elizabeth Warren you really have nothing on me Libya at the theater. But upgrade optic that's one that's one of the things that's really not talk about the fact that. You know most people ought not just so happened that have some Indian you know from assembly normal. Well that's where about winning but. There. This happened so much of course were Caucasian. When these horrible things tomorrow. You know what typical art to a potential one way. I'll go of Hugo or next you know what people sort a lot of. Iran takes the phone call men appreciate it and it was a blind for you 5767798. It's a mean. I don't know at the end of this case I I don't know for ever going to be a collar black actually I take that back we are never going to be a color blind society never. You know there's like ours and we during the break. Racism is time. Yes and we're still teaching. You're not born racist right and so who is who is teaching is the question that to the people racist where did you mark it. At home. Right and so it is possible in generations. You know we we do with this as we go on it lessens as we go on. Which doesn't help us right now here's a text what happened at Travis is terrible racism is unfortunately a problem that starts at home racism is taught until we as society as a society become better parents. This will continue parenting is the key on both sides of black parents that are racist stopped teaching your children to be racist against white people and vice Versa. Lately I think we're getting criticized are really talking about black people being. You know the ones that are offended here. Because we're talking about this particular incident that has to do with Travis and for a. And you know I don't I don't believe my parents to be racist and Hillary's I know that it's because they've never made comments to me that make we think well that's that's gone too far. But I my grandmother making comments that we're not racist. But that I would have been uncomfortable there have been a black friend of mine in the room and hearing that and so it's just it. It has gotten better over time it was my family. 767798. Renee and independents here on 981 KM BZ. You went and Belichick went and. Fantastic. Panel eight. I didn't Wear. To being 1 and I am so sorry terms of the that's terrible. Agree what you guys instead about children I work with a lot of children and children are. Race I mean even slightly whoever they want to play with their brand and wind and it it's fantasy. They grow they start. Learning leash trained. And dummy like me I'm I'm an interracial relationships so it's gonna target from all sides. I get where I'm like dude look at me like why are you that this guy and then bought Savard. And I hold on comment on the fact that. My my children and I agriculture went out on the there Avery why aren't relies. And the key delight well that's captured comic stuff like that in and it really hurt or kill it does really wish that parents. In general would stop putting out the thing. Hey Ed and I think you're the point is is common at least amongst year you know you Renee and and Jamie nine and and a lot of others on the tax line. Isn't it you don't mean aboard racist here is taxed. Doesn't always start at home. Trash bag Obama told the country on national TV that white people are inherently racist that made plenty of black youth scared and racist of whites it doesn't start at home. It is all part of society. I must've missed out ones with that white people are inherently racist by Obama. Somebody else's that racism is now is time sometimes white kids are treated so badly we develop our own thoughts and beliefs are still. But that that means you're being taught it to your being taught it. Somehow. US born with. Yeah he you yeah you know you're you're born with your eye color wreck you're born with your metabolism you're born with the height you're going to be. You can't change any nose for the most part and it means it doesn't have to be taught at its being tied it means that we can stop it from being. So are so you don't like you gotta think it's not okay that's that's where weekends you have to think that being racist is not okay. Travis somebody that actually wants to know is there a witness there wondering if this is fake news. You know they need. I witnessed it my dog was witnessed it happens as a witness how wise you look at the window. Which could lead ago. And well no but I mean I was really pay attention or look around witnessing. I'd second. You know screener in a drive off. And for the person who asked no this wasn't traffic you didn't you didn't drop you can cut somebody chaos you didn't you know make up to write a lighter anything nosed judge you didn't do anything to bring a side note except be who you are. Black man and that's and take your black aspect jacket for a fit in the work. Yeah you could you probably could needed an emotional day all ethnic probably could've gotten Eleanor big rob is Italy though big rob your 91 KM BZ. I wanted to. Talk. About all our buddy black people white people. People. Orange people. All those words every comment is people yeah you're quick to each other just BP and people. All that matters. I don't think we all know that big probably don't need to love each other and pat each other on the back all the time would be and jag bags to each other in. Oh. Exactly yeah. Sorry your dog at that. Sorry your dog to add to witness that. It I'm not there's anybody listening that is going to fall this category but to those who are racist do you think that there's nothing wrong with that. Because like I said that's the first step to changing their behavior and the attitude is to think it's not okay it and still half of the black Panthers and the kkk right. Yes the answer is yes some people believe it's fine on both sides. Problem big Robbie the man don't be a stranger let's talk to Sharon in North Kansas City on 91 KM BZ. Good afternoon. I'd like to comment on transit situation. And ultimately. I believe. That campaign in an election of president bill what has happened to a lot of anger. It is permitted. People who have these failing. To be very outspoken now and variables. I don't think there's an. I've not as CNN and and EU and big robber the first two callers we've had and an all you can more your point out here Sharon to mention president trump I really wish we would stop associating. The president of the United States with a racism. But there are a lot of people that do make that connection including. Yourself Sharon and your heat. They didn't agreed to back. It out I don't get notification. Act act connected. Pettitte start. What President Obama. When he started with the power for the captain to it can happen to an audience. Double if they're angry happily. And he didn't stop it on his campaign what that it will rallies that other rhetoric didn't stop. He encouraged that. And that and now these people. Feel emboldened. I I don't disagree I. Again I have part of me wants them to agree with you party wants to not agree Jamie is I. I don't want the president of the United States in the vice president to be associated with racism blood to Sharon's point. There was an angry group like the first or second call we talk and there was a guy who said that. White males heterosexual white males have to take a backseat nowadays there's a pursue a large percentage of this country that agrees with that he start off by saying I voted for Donald Trump yet because I'm tired of having to apologize for being a white straight male. I've by the way of never apologized for being a white straight male not until to have the break the impression that I have felt being a heterosexual. Middle class white male idol audience off the charts I mean you get every advantage there. So well. Yeah I don't think you should giving you're in and Travis you know hard it is to be me. Do you realize how difficult it is to be this middle aged white guys are living in the midwest. Property era it's right and I think I got to go to the store. The ATM and Men's Wearhouse today. Last call goes to Josh and Casey gay here in 91 KM BZA just. There aren't you plan and I'm personally would be to. You actually did. That. Who's been around for all child just let me say this right here. I'm Hispanic lineage. I have plenty of a friend grownup. And in those black columns just because there's no Caucasian around. I have heard you trust what people you don't associate with them and you just don't flat out just don't trust them. So it's not like. I don't mean granted I have heard the other side by people don't trust black people have her own. But we cannot have a serious conversation. If both sides are not willing to know the truth or the true let's the tour. Is that as it exists on both sides. No. Matter what. It is absolutely Josh I don't think there's any doubt and and that's this. Again as much as we want is they were closer to a colorblind society we're not. We're not there's still money like families the girl up teaching that white he shouldn't be tracked a trusted and are still brutally white families that. Use the N word but. Yes I mean let's. It's slow progress and it's taking us for over. But we do you have blacks and whites that spent more time together and Easter time I'd agree with those two populations of society didn't go near each other because they were allowed to use the same bathroom and and then there were attitudes exist at that made it seem like that was a bad thing and I don't. Some of that access in I mean look at the way cities are sent some times and where people live. But now you have blacks and whites are front and it's a small thing but we aren't make work well. Not much incrementally belittled at a glacier space. I'm waiting for someone to say I'm not racist black front. That's. I do he's right they're Travis even though lead didn't know he was black until I told this weekend. Really need to have a sit down. I. You scandal here look at this. As intransigence really tan yeah. It was the green hair. That's Alter brought up. All right it's the day with Jamie link it we'll check in with aideed and parks the cover girl is out for Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue yes happy. I actually. Buy it also. I wouldn't tell you details of a spoiled brat lottery winner. Our rights issues worst that's next in 91 KMB easy anyone KM BZ midday with Jamie wicket. Little breaking news here. And you know Jimmy or try to stay away from from politics today breaking this is actual this is news yeah houses this is something does happen. Any pugs here. Who are plastered excuse me he is the fast food chain CEO who is president Donald Trump's picked to run the Labor Department has withdrawn his nomination this from Ross story and Fox Business news though he didn't withdraw is being encouraged to enter is what it is withdrawals been expected to occur sometime in the next 44 hours confirmed by Fox Business news and NBC news. Ever since nomination for the position of labor secretary was announced last year. Poster has been a lightning rod for controversy as he's faced allegations of both spousal abuse and mistreatment of his workers. CNN says there are four firm Republicans no votes Afghanistan and possibly up to twelve wow fort would be enough to send the nomination from me enough to knock him confirmed. Well for sure what he needs at least fifty votes to pass Republicans only hold control 52 seats that would give him 48 yes votes that would send the nomination the stories about her FaceBook page you can read it in a source close to poster I said that he was very tired of the abuse he was risk that he was receiving as part of his confirmation process. I'll CEO of the company that owns hardee's and Carl's junior fast food chains faced fierce opposition mostly from Democrats in part related. To his position on labor issues affecting he allegedly employed an undocumented housekeeper. Who that would not look good in the trump administration labor secretary. Can't can't do it. You here at the worst draw the planet or you wanna talk about Kate Upton. They're not the same right no they're different stories not build it up you don't speak of chaotic enough. I. Did that day she's on the list she's on the list of three the list that the that out and about the this past well past list. But for the what third time now she's going to be on the cover. All Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. All the to a three different covers she's recoverable. She went on the covering different probably to sell more magazines she's on the cover all threes are they different is different pictures of her impose one. Posed to. Post theory out there gear and degrees of nudity yes yours when I kind of like I'd jacket kind of you know camera saw all. Once just got floss and the other guy in jacket just jewelry. And that's about it that's about all she's wearing a hobby decade Upton now on the cover for the third time I heard it was a real. Squabble between her people and SI because she wanted to be on the coverage you wanna share any of the three covers. Me yeah did. Well yeah. Box Iraq smoking not total diva in engaged. To Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers and that's it takes to make about reckless. All those things being being being how hard on me at the box prospect. I'm a this pretty doesn't she stupid and what I love most about her. Is the fact that she has curves like she's not real thin she's not Kate Moss and ninety's like she's got that anybody else she's got Kurz just great. She's wonderful I hear. People are 'cause she can she has she's skinny but she's got a couple occur songs in tall curvy lines. Rich tall Smart lines blond cute pretty legit. Scott parks in a parked in the next it's gotten easier the incident at that our producer Travis walker had today and driveway miss someone pulled up as he was getting into his car and told him to quote take is black cast back to where. He came for a did you go back to Jackson County he actually was gonna go to Texas yeah he was on his way back to Plano. Parliament Plano with all the rest of white people it's merely towed to your black mystery yup those days aren't. With version no seat in the senate to block out is light like. A man in a van down by the river. The one that scared in. A news why am usually. I'd read this. Maybe please shock he had a band of he had a band. Where were there any windows on the side of a man or was it just am so he rolled one down so when army but. Other than the front and whether any of the site was a molester man they were tinted dark so. Rate this small red. I. Scott I would like you is a white street man to apologize for that yes it is I'd vote for Donald Trump because I'm tired of apologizing for me it white street mail threats like apology. Apology. Travis had nothing to do with a publicist Travis this kind of like when you get an argument with Mel or something and and you really don't think you do anything wrong. And so you say I'm sorry if what I said it sent you. I'm sorry if I want guys that offended and done that to Lee what you're really saying is I'm sorry that you're so thin skipped. And so Travis that the white guy told to go back where you came from take your black ass back where he came out take your black aspect where he came from I'm sorry if what some deals that you offended you. But I didn't think it's wanna poll. But infant medium like like inning mark technically not Scotland Marmol did you know you are. Scott Lee didn't realize Travis was black Angela told this weekend because he doesn't sound like. Or did you right Travis blacked out after she met your house. And partly she colored. She's not a dog she if she can actually see them cheaper to can't see color. Prominently on through traps looks I don't like scared and I know. Yeah what's tournament supposed to say but I will anyway. More out Lotto Lotto now now. Dana and analysts say that there are. A lot. So Dana are seeking today because of something you're looking at that was making you react what. Alan. Lot Allen is one of them and in the Seth Meyers last night he'd as the world's shortest highlight real ones amongst career. We are going to place for you I think that's funny but it's more visuals and we're gonna play that. Talented generous had the most adorable moment with this little boy who's saying this is. Out Oscars now. And it is surprised. When he singing unit share and net he turns around and it here. And he's. I need you. Hate out there today yeah. Guys keep posting like this stop what you're doing you'll smile all day when you hear those that Taylor's what would you wicket I. She would probably ask what else anything else on coming up there. Wind does bullying go from being a civil case to a criminal case we have a Missouri case. To highlight for you and we'll bring that up later on the center.